Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of Parental Rights

Before a child may be adopted, the natural parents of the child must be terminated. In order to terminate the parental rights of a natural parent, the court must find good cause. This can either be based upon consent (the parent agrees to allow his or her rights to be terminated), parental abandonment, or unfitness of the parent.

If a parent agrees that his or her rights should be terminated, the court will generally do so. If a parent has not had contact with the child for one year or more, the court can terminate based upon abandonment. Also, if the parent has committed a felony which endangered the child, the court may terminate parental rights.

Adoptions Proceedings

There are two types of adoptions: independent adoptions and step-parent adoptions. Famularo & Associates can assist you in your step-parent adoption needs. A step-parent adoption is one where the spouse of one of the natural parents adopts the child. Prior to the adoption process, the parental rights of the other natural parent must be terminated. Essentially, an adoption proceeding is two lawsuits in one: termination of parental rights and the adoption process. In Riverside County, California, the entire process from start to finish takes about six months. If you have any questions about an adoption proceeding, and you live in the Temecula area, please contact the Adoption Attorneys, Famularo & Associates at (951) 816-9543, for your free consultation.